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Reference Services

Our reference staff is here to help you with your information needs. Whether you have a question or need assistance, we can help you.

How to reach us:

    In person: Stop by the Adult Reference Desk or Youth Reference Desk
    By phone: 708-562-3573
    By email: askus@westchesterpl.org (checked daily)
    By fax: 708-562-1298 (checked daily)

When we are available:
A reference librarian is available during regular business hours when the Library is open, however, you can email us your request after hours and we will reply the next day (or the next day we are open). If you leave a phone message, be sure to include your name, phone number and best time to reach you.

What we do:

  • Finding information – Whether the information you need is found on a website, in a database, or buried in a book, our reference staff can help you locate the information you need.
  • Identifying and locating a publication – our reference staff is skilled in tracking down even the most obscure book or author, and we can borrow it from another library in the state or even in the country, providing the item is available for loan.
  • Database help – we offer a variety of online databases. Let our reference staff save you time by:
    • Identifying the best database(s) to search
    • recommending search terms to use, and
    • walking you through the search steps.
  • Internet search help – we can show you how to search for the website or information you need from the Internet.
  • Computer help – we offer classes on using the Internet.
  • Research paper help – we can recommend good resources and strategies to help you research your topic.
  • Pathfinders, bibliographies, and other finding aids – we prepare guides that identify resources in our collection, on the Internet and in the community at large.

What we can’t do: We don’t give medical, legal or financial advice—instead, you will need to contact a qualified professional (doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.).