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Readers’ Advisory Services

We value reading and know you do, too! Our Readers’ Advisory services are designed to match your reading interests with new and different authors and books. Tell us what authors and books you have enjoyed and together we can tap these resources to identify new selections for you to read and explore:

  • Our staff - People who work in libraries love to read. Anyone on staff will be happy to offer suggestions or we will find the right staff person to respond to your inquiry.
  • Novelist Plus - a readers’ advisory database that will help you identify novels and authors by a variety of characteristics (examples include genre, lead characters, historical setting, plot features).
  • Websites - Click here for some great websites for finding interesting books to read.
  • Our Book Clubs
    • Page Turners Club –adult reading club offered during the summer and winter months to encourage recreational reading. The winter session is announced in the Library’s December newsletter, the summer session is announced in the June newsletter. Participants who reach the assigned reading goal (number of books read) are eligible for prize drawings. To receive periodic emails with announcements and reading suggestions, send us an email with your name and email address at WPLPageTurners@yahoo.com
    • Book Discussion Group – This group meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month to discuss the month’s selection. Monthly selections are announced in the Library’s newsletter. Stop by the Circulation Desk for details.

  • Reference books like What Do I Read Next or Genreflecting as well as books that offer reading recommendations that you can check out.
  • Mailing List – even if you don’t want to join the club, you can still sign up for mailings from our Page Turners Club to receive periodic announcements and reading suggestions. Just send us an email with your name and email address at WPLPageTurners@yahoo.com

And don’t think our readers’ advisory services stop at books. You can ask us for suggestions for CDs, movies, and even websites, too!