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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the lending of library materials from one library to another library for a patron’s use. We are happy to borrow books and materials from other libraries in the state to satisfy a patron’s request. If the requested item is not available from a library in Illinois, we can attempt to borrow it from a library outside of Illinois.

  • Patrons can request items in person or by phone, email or fax.
  • If you place a request by phone, email, or fax, please include the following in your request:
    • Your name, phone number, and the bar code number on your library card
    • Author, title, date of publication.
    • Publisher, edition or other distinguishing information is helpful too.
    • Format requested (book, large-print, audio tape, audio book, CD, DVD, VHS)

Interlibrary loan using the Swan online catalog:

  • Patrons can request an item directly, when searching the online catalog
  • Reminder about new materials: many libraries will not send out their newest materials to other libraries, however, they will allow patrons from other libraries to check out new books, CDs or films in person.

Interlibrary loan for materials not found in the Swan online catalog:

  • We can borrow books, videos, CDs and even microfilm requested by patrons from other libraries, pending the patron's approval of a $3 service fee. Most items arrive within 7-10 working days and the patron is charged the fee if and only if the item is received.
  • If the item is only available out-of-state, the lending library may charge a lending fee to the requesting library. In such a case, the patron will be notified and any lending fees will be passed on to the patron (in addition to the Library's $3 service charge).

Magazine article requests

  • We circulate back issues of magazines that we own.
  • We can request photocopies of articles from other libraries to be faxed or shipped to us (depending on the article length and copy quality).
  • For a listing of magazines and periodicals on shelf at neighboring libraries, search by title in the SWAN online catalog.
  • Requests for photocopies of articles must comply with copyright law.
    If a free copy is not available from a neighboring library, we can request it from another library owning the subscription, however, the library may charge a photocopy fee. The patron will be notified and any photocopy charges will be passed on to the patron.
  • If we cannot obtain an item to meet a patron’s deadline, we will attempt to refer the patron to a library in the area where the patron can use the material needed.
Borrowing considerations
  • If a student needs a book or other item for an entire quarter or semester (e.g. textbook), the student is advised to purchase the item.
  • The lending library has sole discretion in determining what materials they will lend, the lending period and what service fees they charge.
  • The borrowing library is responsible for any materials borrowed from another library. Any fees for lost or damaged materials or overdue fines are charged to the patron that requested the item.
  • Most Illinois libraries will lend books, videos and CDs to other libraries in the state at no charge.
  • Materials are sent to libraries around the state by a statewide library delivery service (trucks). We receive daily deliveries (M-F) of materials borrowed or returned from other libraries.
  • Please take care of borrowed materials and return them on time. Fees for lost items, especially items borrowed from university libraries, can be substantial ($100+) and your borrowing privileges will be blocked until the item is returned or the bill is paid.